Daniela Horn

 Create. Inspire. Motivate.

Art & Creative Direction

Curiosity and creativity combined with an entrepreneurial mindset!



Photo shootings

I can support you in creating a significant combination of styles, either fashion or interior, to achieve the perfect picture. Romantic and feminine, sportive and cool or fancy and fashionable - of course you decide the direction and I will help to define, combine and style to support you or your product.



Do you have something to celebrate? Or do you organize an event for somebody else? Either way, let me help you with my motivation and passion and together we create an unforgettable day, evening or weekend! I can support you to find your perfect style for your wedding, birthday party or company event.


You or your home

It’s all about the combination of good basics and single fashionable highlight pieces that achieve a WOW effect! Let’s have together a look at your current style and discover what else would be possible to underline your personality or achieve that certain something. I would love to give you some new inspirations!


My services for you:

styling concepts that support you or your products

briefings for photographers, florists, caterer

hands-on mentality to get things done


Creative consultancy


Trend scouting & moodboards 

If you are a company or if you run your own small business and don´t have the time or manpower to do a lot of research: I´m your woman! Let me support you finding the right direction for your product or collection. Currently inspired by the Scandinavian design I´m always curious to find new and innovative trends and products.


Briefings and presentations

Of course research and trend scouting are the first steps, but to brief other involved people like designer, suppliers or customers it needs a structured and precise briefing or brand presentation with all neccessary information, like targets, timelines, inspirations, visions and misssions  included. Within my former position at Swarovski, I had to develop various collection concepts and I would now love to share my valuable experience with you or your company.


Organize projects

If you have a project that is too big to handle on your own, I can support you with my hands-on mentality, my experiences and my motivation to get things done! My strength is to combine my creativity with a very focused and target-oriented mindset. Let me support you with a structured and well thought through timetable and overviews.


My services for you: 

timetables, overviews, presentations 

versatile buying and development experience

creative direction for your product or collections


Graphic design


Art Direction

Do you miss the overall direction within your projects? Do you think you somehow need to streamline the whole look of  your presentation, your product or packaging? Let me support you here and I can take care of the visual style, the overall design and the briefing of other contributors. 


Website Design & Digital Content

Do you need assistance in creating your own homepage, Instagram and Pinterest account? Then I can help you to find your matching website provider, template and style works best for you or your products, how to gain followers on Instagram or create an appealing Pinterest appearance. 


Layout design

I can support you to create a new and contemporary make over for your presentation, invitation or CV´s. Let me show you new possibilities with programs like PowerPoint, Illustrator or InDesign. An appealing layout with the right pictures is always the first step to convince your audience of you or your product.


My service for you: 

Creative and result focussed MinD

 always with much attention to the details

Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign knowledge